‘collector’s cabinet’ by maurizio galante+tal lancman for cerruti baleri

italian furniture brand cerruti baleri presents ‘living models’ at milan design week 2012. the habitalbe spaces will be developed by the company’s art direction in collaboration with french fashion house maison martin margiela, italian designer maurizio galante + israeli designer tal lancman.

considering themes of creativity, home, lounging and work, maison martin margiela will present its interpretation of a living environment, while maurizio galante+tal lancman will showcase their idea of a creative atelier. these scenes will come alive through the integration of cerruti baleri collection and edition pieces, bringing together historical and one-of-a-kind works, as well as new 2012 products. these will be highlighted in combination with designs by other companies selected by the brand for their ‘living models’ vision. maurizio galante + tal lancman: collector's cabinet for cerruti baleri triangles of technical fabric are arranged to create a curtain wall which wraps around the cabinet

as part of their installation, galante and lancman will feature their ‘collector’s cabinet’, which was conceived for the centre pompidou in paris, developed and produced by cerruti baleri. the storage unit is made from a blackboard and MDF structure, supported by a structural back panel with millings for extra-clear tempered glass shelves and slats covered by black velvet. the exterior of the cabinet is composed of glass doors and curtains fashioned from technical fabric which exhibit an accordion effect.

the ‘collector’s cabinet’ is currently being featured at the centre pompidou in the exhibition ‘planète manga!’ in an installation by the two designers named ‘kaijus monsters’, where it hosts a collection of japanese mangas produced between 1960 and 2011.

maurizio galante + tal lancman: collector's cabinet for cerruti baleri detail of the accordion-like structure