‘octopus chair’ by maximo riera images courtesy of maximo riera



spanish artist maximo riera has designed ‘octopus chair’, a limited edition piece that is part of a larger collection entitled ‘animal chairs’.  the series consists of more than fifteen different works where the marriage between furniture and animal is the main component. 


choosing the chair based on its banality in our everyday lives, the series looks to bring life to the basic function of the object, making it more present while creating a stronger connection between the spectator, the chair and its environment.



maximo riera: octopus chair back



maximo riera: octopus chair



maximo riera: octopus chair detail



maximo riera: octopus chair



requiring a team of over thirty professionals and four different companies, the chair was produced using a CNC milling machine. mechanized sculpting tools then produced a series of forms cut from foam blocks. each part was assembled, glued, sanded and painted by hand to create an object that transmits a dynamic sense of movement.



maximo riera: octopus chair (left) view from the underside as each part is attached, sanded and finished (right) the body of the octopus acts as a backrest



maximo riera: octopus chair the octopus body section during an intricate painting process



maximo riera: octopus chair tentacle base section crafted from compressed foam