designboom’s friends, swiss creative lab MB&F, known for their ‘horological machines’, have recently collaborated with 152-year-old french high-jewellery house of boucheron, on a new haute-jewellery version of MB&F’s horogological machine no.3 (HM3) named the ‘jwlrymachine’.

MB&F and boucheron: jwlrymachine the ‘jwlrymachine’ has been conceived as a three-dimensional jewelled owl

the original HM3 was first presented in 2009. its kinetically energetic engine is displayed on the top of the watch, where the swinging battle-axe-shaped rotor – an iconic MB&F symbol – and the fast-oscillating balance are visible. the time is indicated around twin cones which rise from the watch’s three-dimensional sculpted case that is driven by oversized ceramic ball bearings. MB&F’s engineers and watchmakers machine, hand-finish and assemble the 305 parts of the HM3 engine to tolerances of a micron.

MB&F and boucheron: jwlrymachine profile

for ‘jwlrymachine’, boucheron’s artisans have conceived the HM3 as a three-dimensional jewelled owl, presented either in 18k white gold, with amethyst, diamonds with blue and violet sapphires, or in 18k red gold, with pink tourmaline, rose quartz, diamonds and pink sapphires.

MB&F and boucheron: jwlrymachine back view

the owl’s eyes are large glowing cabochons, set over the twin cones, its wings wrapped protectively around the HM3’s engine, pavé-set with brilliant-cut stones. its feathered breast is sculpted and engraved from a single block of amethyst or rose quartz. beneath the breast, the owl’s heart appears to be beating. this visual illusion is created by the faintly perceived swings of MB&F’s solid-gold battle-axe-shaped rotor beneath the translucent stone.

MB&F and boucheron: jwlrymachine

though the HM3 was not conceived with diamonds in mind, MB&F owner maximilian büsser had been nurturing the idea of working with the house of boucheron. ‘I was impressed by their immense savoir-faire,’ he says, ‘and their creative passion. they are resolutely avant-garde, and each of their jewels is a virtuoso performance.’

MB&F and boucheron: jwlrymachine MB&F’s horogological machine no.3 (HM3)

MB&F and boucheron: jwlrymachine mechanics of horogological machine no.3 (HM3)