MB&F HM6 space pirate watch designed to operate in outer-space
images courtesy of MB&F




the MB&F ‘HM6 (horological machine number 6) space pirate’ watch has been designed to operate in the hostile environment in outer-space. its four corners feature a 360° sphere which is capped top and bottom by transparent sapphire crystal domes. the two semi-spherical indications up front, rotate vertically to display hours and minutes. these are driven by the multiplying gearing of the automatic winding rotor that regulates the system to reduce stress and wear in case of excessive speed.


the story of the MB&F HM6 space pirate
video courtesy of MB&F




the limited edition MB&F ‘HM6’ features a central dome that houses a 60-second flying tourbillion – the precision regulator of its engine. the mechanics are protected from UV radiation that can speed up the oxidation of lubricating oils, by using a retractable shield that is operated by a crown. a sapphire crystal display portal on the back reveals more of the 475 finely finished components that make the complex movement. its gentle curves and bulging eyes gives it an appearance liking to an extra-terrestrial life form but a formidable exoskeleton strength is provided thanks to the aeronautic grade Ti-6A1-4V titanium case.

the front spheres display the hours and minutes


side view of the watch


the retractable shield protects the mechanics from UV radiation


bottom view of the ‘HM6’