building upon the inspiring imagination created by science fiction, specifically that of speculative 1960s space adventures, MB&F’s ‘destination moon’ delivers an exciting eight-day clock that marvels with intricate elements, yet leaves space for our minds to fill in the details. the quintessential torpedo-shaped clock is the result of a collaboration between the swiss watchmaking brand and l’epée 1839, another manufacturer of luxury mechanical timepieces. claiming that ‘space isn’t empty, its filled by imagination’, its minimalist form reflects a rocket-ship that is evocative of an exploratory era, where boundaries were pushed and anything seemed possible.

the rocket features a satin-finished stainless steel frame with palladium-plated brass landing pods
all images courtesy of MB&F



developed specifically for MB&F’s ‘destination moon’, the architecture of l’epée 1839’s eight-day movement fittingly follows the design of a real spaceship. similar to that of a rocket, the clock’s power comes from the base – an oversized winding crown – and features its vertical regulator controlling precision above. neatly, this regulator is protected from both cosmic radiation and dirty fingers by a small panel of transparent mineral glass. on top of this, the clock’s hours and minutes are displayed on large diameter stainless steel discs that have been stamped with numerals.

the horizontal circular plates in the clock’s movement are perforated like meccano toy components



as another play on the science fiction and childhood fantasies of the 1960s, the clock includes a space-suited figurine, named ‘neil’, in solid silver and stainless steel that magnetically attaches to the ascending ladder. assigned to be the astronaut that flies the rocket to the moon, ‘neil’ not only references the wonder of our younger selves, but also highlights the engineering triumphs of both watchmaking and rocket building. weighing four kilograms, ‘destination moon’ is available in four limited editions of 50 pieces, decorated with blue, black, green and palladium (silver) landing pods.

the solid polished silver figurine resembles human’s engineering feats for rocket building and watchmaking


the clock is available with PVD coatings for the blue, green and black editions


overall, it is made up of 237 different components


‘destination moon’ was designed and manufactured in-house by l’epée 1839