mcdonald’s ‘mccrispy gaming chair’ is here


The other day, designboom wrote about Volkswagen’s bumper-car office chair here, equipped with sensors and cameras to see if the executives or managers are sneaking up on the workers as they crash and burn each other at work.


This time, McDonald’s joins the competition, but not a bumper-car variant. McCrispy gaming chair made waves online when McDonald’s posted the promotion on its social media. People thought it was a prank. McDonald’s is serious. Very serious.

mcdonald’s mccrispy gaming chair
images courtesy of McDonald’s, via Facebook



McCrispy lovers and gamers unite for McDonald’s gaming chair. The signature yellow and black color of McDonald’s logo is present in the chair design made with leather. When gamers sit on the chair, they can rest their arms on the spacious armrests that double as McDonald’s meals tray.


On one side, they can stash their fries and unconsciously devour the crispy, oil-filled snack as they destroy their enemies on their computer, online, or video games. If they get thirsty, their cup of soft drinks, iced tea, or – just throwing it out there – iced water is positioned on the other side.

mcdonald’s mccrispy gaming chair
stain-proof leather treatment



Gamers who are invested in their quest might not know that a lot of time has passed and their meals have gotten cold. McDonald’s knows this, so they dedicated a hot box in the McCrispy gaming chair to keep their McDonald’s food, or any other food once gamers possess the chair, warm as they play away.


Mess is inevitable, but it won’t be a problem with the napkin holder included in the gaming chair. Just don’t forget to wash the included reusable napkins there since McDonald’s can’t do everything for the gamers. Also, it’s better to wash the reusable napkins after, say, a few uses.

mcdonald’s mccrispy gaming chair
fries holder



It’s not for everyone though, sorry


McDonald’s writes in its promotional video on Facebook that McCrispy gaming chair is made with stain-proof leather treatment, so ‘you can enjoy your McCrispy in peace.’ The fast-food company adds that the armrests are modular, so gamers can switch them up to their liking.


On the not-so-good side, only one contender can win McDonald’s McCrispy gaming chair and they have to be a resident of Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales). For the other aspirants, who knows? Maybe McDonald’s will mass produce them the same way they mass produce their McCrispy meals.

mcdonald’s mccrispy gaming chair
‘hot box’ to keep the meals warm

mcdonald’s mccrispy gaming chair
reusable napkins

mcdonald’s mccrispy gaming chair
sauce slots



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name: McCrispy Gaming Chair

company: McDonald’s