‘meccanica’ by gabriele centazzo for demode engineered by valcucine all images courtesy of valcucine



‘meccanica’ is an eco-sustainable kitchen system in terms of both its construction and price. designed by gabriele centazzo for demode, and engineered by valcucine, the overall framework of the furniture is composed of a set of iron tubes easily assembled by the customer, the method in which the components are joined eliminating cancer-inducing emissions of formaldehyde as no glues are used.


conceived as an open organization, side panels and doors have been removed resulting in a completely naked carcass so that there is a reduced quantity of material use, where instead storage areas are exposed through visible shelves and jumbo drawers. if the user desires, doors can be integrated. these are available in multilayer pinewood which is offered in various stains; as well as covered in elastic fabric leather which is removable, washable and stain-resistant ideal for the kitchen; and a metal option.


the work surfaces are made from RE-Y-STONE® bi-composite material which is fabricated from recycled paper and natural resin derived from fibrous by-products left over from the grinding and pressing of sugar cane. this combined material, along with the resin matrix is extracted from renewable vegetable materials which means that there is no direct dependence from fossils or non-renewable resources such as petrol and natural gas. together ‘meccanica’ is made from 90% reused and 100% recycled materials, in which the iron frames can be sanded down and lacquered to be used once again for another purpose.


beyond the cooking and eating space because of its flexible / modular system, meccanica can be incorporated into the living area, laundry room and even more informal areas like the bedroom or garage. to cater to multiple markets, there are two ‘meccanica’ systems which offer different price bands – a more expensive one includes assembly while a less expensive one excludes it.



meccanica by demode engineered by valcucine


  meccanica by demode engineered by valcucine the framework of the ‘meccanica’ system has doors removed offering an open organization



meccanica by demode engineered by valcucine if the owner desires, they may integrate doors into their own personal system



meccanica by demode engineered by valcucine beyond the kitchen, the ‘meccanica’ system can be used in more informal spaces such as the garage



meccanica by demode engineered by valcucine the system eliminates the use of glue or other adhesives