‘beaugars’ by meike langer

‘beaugars’, the work of german designer meike langer, features two reconfigurable storage racks set flexibly into a small table. on exhibition at imm cologne 2011, the device provides an easily adaptable means of addressing changes in day-to-day storage needs.

meike langer: beaugars ‘beaugars’ integrates a table, clothing rack, and shelving into a single standalone device

meike langer: beaugars the components of ‘beaugars’ rotate 360° to offer a range of possible configurations

the device is composed of two racks of different heights, secured into a small table. the connecting brackets rotate 360° to permit each rack to be arranged at any angle relative to the other components. this configurability, combined with the freedom of use offered by ‘beaugars”s minimalist form, lets the device adapt easily to both different environments and the varying space needs of the objects being stored.

meike langer: beaugars the device on display at imm cologne 2011

meike langer: beaugars ‘beaugars’ in use with a range of household objects

meike langer: beaugars the built-in wooden pieces at the top left are designed for easy access to bags, keys, and jewelry

meike langer: beaugars

meike langer: beaugars detail view of the table integration