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melike altınışık architects clusters its ECHO light installation atop ancient fountain

a light installation by melike altınışık


turkish practice melike altınışık architects (MAA) presents a installation dubbed ‘the ECHO’ as part of the beyoğlu light exhibition in istanbul. the parametrically-designed work is made up of plastic waste water pipes that have been repurposed and given a new life. the light exhibition was curated by erdem akan together with the beyoğlu cultural road festival which is organized to expand the international vision of istanbul in terms of history, culture, architecture, economy and tourism. the display transformed the streets of beyoğlu, a district on the european side of istanbul.


the studio has gained international recognition with its futuristic designs all over the world, especially its robot science museum in seoul (read more) and its sculptural radio tower in istanbul with views across both asia and europe (read more).

melike altınışık ECHOimages and video © mehmet akif sarı



the echo of an ancient fountain


with the ECHO, the design team at melike altınışık architects (MAA) establishes a unique dialogue with the city by ‘making the invisible visible.’ the architects harness the ‘the echo’ of historic stone matbah emini hasan ağa fountain. the ancient structure was built in 1649. the team notes that it has become ‘one of the most important witnesses of many encounters and re-meanings in the city.’


‘the ECHO’ installation can be visited in beyoğlu, on corner of lüleci hendek street — connecting yüksek kaldırım street and fırçacı street. the work is situated along a place where different cultures meet throughout history of istanbul, a city which the architects note ‘still debates cosmopolitanism today.’

melike altınışık ECHO



the beyoğlu light exhibition


melike altınışık architects’ the ECHO showed at the beyoğlu light exhibition, which displayed the work of eleven artists along istiklal avenue from gezi park to galataport. the exhibition includes creators from such disciplines as art, design, and architecture. with their installations, these designers draw attention to the light, the dark, the night, along with concepts such as color and form made visible in the light, and as the curator notes, ‘togetherness, existence, change and transformation, differences, and tolerance.’

melike altınışık ECHO melike altınışık architects clusters its ECHO light installation atop ancient fountain melike altınışık architects clusters its ECHO light installation atop ancient fountain


melike altınışık architects clusters its ECHO light installation atop ancient fountain




project info:


project title: the ECHO

architecture: melike altınısık architects (MAA) | @melikealtinisikarchitects

location: beyoğlu, istanbul, turkey

design: melike altınışık architects (MAA), MAAlab

project team: melike altınışık, bengü özmutlu
assistant team: atakan gündüz, gülnur aktaş
fabrication: city of angels (COA), melih altınışık
lighting consultant: line lighting design
photography, videography: mehmet akif sarı


exhibition info:


exhibition: beyoğlu light exhibition
exhibition institution: T.C. ministry of culture and tourism
organization: dream design factory (dDf)
curator: erdem akan

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