meyou crafts feline furniture for the contemporary cat
images courtesy of meyou




when thinking about the home, parisian designer aude sanchez remarked on the attention many people pay to the aesthetics of their belongings and beds, but not to the items that our animals inhabit, which inevitably form an integral part of the living space. she decided to form a collection of cat furniture for discerning felines and their owners, with both architectural and natural influences.


sanchez’ brand meyou — created in collaboration with industrial designer guillaume gadenne — has realized a line of three products, all made of natural materials, that bring together curved and straight lines, creating a cozy cocoon for cats. curious and playful by nature, the felines can use the habitats as a shelter, to hide, nap or even sharpen their claws. the cube, the bed and the ball are all currently seeking funding on kickstarter,






meyou is committed to making a difference by helping and promoting persons with disabilities. they have partnered with a parisian organization dedicated to rehabilitating persons with disabilities and will use their work in manufacturing, product assembly and stock management. through meyou, about ten persons with disabilities will be employed and will become more independent every day.

the cube design is made from soft, handmade woven cotton

the woven cotton bubble creates a real territory for your cat

the small cube is a place for cats to both sleep and sharpen its claws

available in 4 colors, the cotton balls are easily replaceable

the removable balls allow you to adapt colors to your mood or to switch when damages are made

the ball is an organic balance between wood and metal

the cat can both cuddle up and sharpen its claws at the same time

the bubble provides a place for cats to observe their surroundings without being spotted or disturbed

the beds creates a bond between our cats’ comfort and our own love for design

the bed provides a new vantage point for your cat

the cozy bed is made of solid wood, 100% wool felt and comfortable bedding

your cat can observe its surroundings from above



h/t [mymodernmet]