‘airbag’ features a hard back shell for protection which contrasts with the soft front compartment



the prominent feature of lightweight carry-on luggage ‘airbag’ is that it is two-bags-in-one. the cabin-size suitcase is among the first to bring together the combination of both hard and soft materials – the rear hard shell provides protection against wear and tear, while the separate front-zipped soft compartment allows for easy expansion to accommodate travel items. michael young designed it in this way so that belongings can be organized accordingly within – professional vs. personal belongings – particularly in the case of business trips. he states, ‘I’m not the kind of person to wait in queues at airports, it’s not in my nature, I’m out of there. I like to land and go, so I always travel light and have learned to keep things down to a minimum, but equally I am aware of restraints and practicalities of travel. I like to keep my IT and admin section in one place on the plane so that if I have to immediately go to a meeting, I know exactly where things are. I don’t want the odd sock or toothbrush falling out in front of the wrong people, so I designed this handy section on the front for personal things, clothes, magazines and a section for passports and wallets on the outside.’


produced by hong kong brand zixag, additional details include top and side handles which retract so that they lie flush with the surface of the case, as well as easy access zippers and anti-slide discs located on the rear providing extra security, ensuring your bag from siding out of overhead lockers.



michael young: airbag carry on luggage for zixagthe soft front zipped compartment expands to accommodate travel goods



michael young: airbag carry on luggage for zixagthe rear hard shell section is separated from the soft compartment


michael young: airbag carry on luggage for zixag



michael young: airbag carry on luggage for zixaganti-slide disks on the back panel ensure that your luggage does not fall out of the overhead lockers



michael young: airbag carry on luggage for zixagcontrast between the mix of both soft and hard materials used in the construction of the bag