michael young molds stainless steel for jougor to design MY faucets
all images courtesy of jougor




the jougor ‘MY’ kitchen and bathroom line by michael young was created to offer contemporary solutions with a fresh yet classic design approach. in a market that is saturated with similar products, stainless steel expresses an opportunity to work outside traditional boundaries. the collection comprises of a range of products from the bathroom and kitchen, including faucets, shower systems and bathroom accessories. ‘it is design as industrial art that interests me, not just as a limited edition, but on a scale of mass production,’ explains michael young. 

jourgor-michael-young-MY-kitchen-bathoom-hardware-designboom-02bathtub faucet




in a career that spans more than 20 years, the british born designer’s uniqueness lies in the constant questioning of typologies combined with a pioneering passion for technology. it is with this in mind jougor and michael young set about creating a new range of faucets to revolutionize the way users think about them. 

jourgor-michael-young-MY-kitchen-bathoom-hardware-designboom-03water controls




the handmade ‘MY’ line delivers warmth and integrity to any household with each component meticulously finished and assembled. each is built with lead-free, anti-bacterial and oxidation-proof materials. this offers simple maintenance and a long lasting surface gloss that will not deteriorate over time. jougor has also developed their own custom equipment to achieve the highest material performance that creates a signature mirrored surface. in a design language distinctly unique to michael young, the ‘MY’ collection for jougor can find itself at home in both a household and public spaces. 

jourgor-michael-young-MY-kitchen-bathoom-hardware-designboom-04kitchen faucet jourgor-michael-young-MY-kitchen-bathoom-hardware-designboom-05shower system jourgor-michael-young-MY-kitchen-bathoom-hardware-designboom-06towel rack jourgor-michael-young-MY-kitchen-bathoom-hardware-designboom-07toilet paper holder jourgor-michael-young-MY-kitchen-bathoom-hardware-designboom-08soap dish jourgor-michael-young-MY-kitchen-bathoom-hardware-designboom-09towel handle  jourgor-michael-young-MY-kitchen-bathoom-hardware-designboom-10house hook