‘u-turn’ by BELUX all images courtesy of BELUX

‘u-turn LED’ by swiss industrial designer michel charlot for lighting company BELUX is a spotlight lamp presented at designers’ saturday 2012 in langenthal, switzerland. the multi-purpose lantern features an adjustable beam that can be angled through the use of a magnetic ball joint. the top can be easily changed and turned around by hand to utilize its full radius and flexibility. the collection features several products to allow the user a complete range in household settings. from a clip which provides a distinct source for accent lighting to the traditional pendant, floor, wall and ceiling lamps, this versatile product ensures that a playful interaction is created every time you turn on the source.

in its fourteenth edition, the designers’ saturday biennial shut down six large factories in the swiss town of langenthal to feature the spaces where products are actually manufactured and finalized. within these atmospheric production sites, venues and exhibition zones were established, acting as a backdrop for the various projects on show.

‘u-turn’ LED lamp by michel charlot video courtesy of BELUX

michel charlot: U turn for BELUX magnetic ball for a rotating, adjustable spotlight

michel charlot: U turn for BELUX

michel charlot: U turn for BELUX clip light

michel charlot: U turn for BELUX wall / ceiling light

michel charlot: U turn for BELUX black and white colored

pendant lamps

michel charlot: U turn for BELUX (left) table lamp (right) floor lamp

michel charlot: U turn for BELUX adjustable head for specific light placement

michel charlot: U turn for BELUX

DESIGNERS’ SATURDAY 2012 design is a statement november 3rd – 4th, 2012

the first designers’ saturday took place in langenthal in 1987. since then there have been 13 of these biennial occasions, to provide support for the swiss design scene whilst giving it a publicity platform and stimulating its further development.

designers’ saturday happens at a place where design is actually created. designers’ saturday is not just a product show held on characterless trade fair premises. instead it is a stage where authentic design skills are put on view at the atmospheric production sites of the companies involved.

the event is an international meeting point for the design world. the presentations of numerous internationally known firms will be accompanied by the cartes blanches of both national and international colleges of art and design.