michele de lucchi designs pulcina espresso maker for alessi + illycaffè





the ‘pulcina’ espresso maker by michele de lucchi unites the innovative skills of two italian enterprises renowned in design and coffee culture — alessi and illycaffè respectively. born out of these two companies’ desire to produce a ‘moka for the new millennium’, the project sought to enhance the functionality of the classic moka through its shape in order to exalt the organoleptic properties of coffee.

 michele de lucchi alessi pulcina designboom
pulcina’ is composed of a core enclosed within a stepped external shape, highlighted by two rounded volumes 




analyzing the process which takes place within a moka coffeemaker, the experts at illy’s R&D lab identified the ideal shape to achieve optimal coffee extraction and aroma enhancement, which de lucchi elaborated on. made from aluminium, an excellent conductor of heat, ‘pulcina’ is composed of a core that is enclosed within a stepped external shape; highlighted by two rounded volumes that starting from a broader base, form an elegant ensemble. the classic V-shaped spout, which looks like a chick’s beak, and from which ‘pulcina’ takes its italian name, is shaped to perfectly cut through to the last drop when the hot beverage is poured out into the cup. the internal geometry of the design’s heat chamber completes the coffee brewing process so that when the extraction is finished, the strombolian effect and the burnt and bitter aftertaste that often results, is eliminated.

michele de lucchi_pulcina_ alessi_designboom_011
‘pulcina’ by michele de lucchi for alessi and illycaffè





 alberto alessi, chairman of alessi spa, says:for illy and alessi, making the best coffee and manufacturing the most appealing espresso coffeemakers are family pursuits. I think I may safely say that this coffeemaker is going to be a staple in the pursuit of optimization of form to improve the organoleptic properties of coffee prepared in a moka‘.

michele de lucchi_pulcina_ alessi_designboom_001
the design is characterized by two stepped rounded volumes



andrea illy, chairman and CEO of illycaffè continues:this moka perfectly interprets the passion for excellence that has always set apart the alessi and illy brands. it will help increase the popularity of this method of brewing espresso, the veritable worldwide symbol of italian living.’

michele de lucchi_pulcina_ alessi_designboom_004
‘pulcina’ is made from aluminium, an excellent conductor of heat  
michele de lucchi_pulcina_ alessi_designboom_008