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'michelin SOS grip' tire socks stop cars from tumbling on snowy roads

Gripping snowy roads with tire socks


Action movie producers and directors should start considering fitting the tires of the cars with Michelin SOS Grip. When they shoot on snowy terrains, the tumbling cars, shaken actors, and flying glass shards on set not only destroy vehicles but also make up a lot of the movie’s expenses. If they start putting on the tire socks of Michelin around the car wheels for winter scenes, which only take around two minutes to fit, the pairs of textile snow socks can grip the wet roads like tight gloves and let the viewers focus more on the car chase and tensed dialogues.

michelin sos grip tire socks
images courtesy of Michelin



Michelin SOS Grip tire socks are tailored to grip wet roads well, so slipping cars are no longer a common accident in wintertime. They are sewn to bear maximum traction, and the company assures drivers they won’t feel any vibration while driving. Michelin believes that thanks to the development of ultra-absorbent textile multi-strips, the tire socks can work their magic in no time and over a number of seasonal changes.


The high-resistance polyester tread allows the tire socks to be reused several times and seasons, regardless of the intensity of the weather. ‘Easy and quick to fit, Michelin SOS Grip socks are also compatible with vehicles equipped with ESP, ABS and are suitable for vehicles with reduced wheel arches,’ Michelin writes on its website.

michelin sos grip tire socks
there are 10 different sizes available



Michelin SOS Grip improves braking


The high-performance, easy-to-fit Michelin SOS Grip tire socks underwent road tests before Michelin introduced them to the public for their vehicles. The company states that by wrapping the car wheels with its tire socks, a significant improvement in traction, braking performance, and lateral grip on snow-capped roads is evident compared to cars being bare from snow socks. Michelin has created a selection of 10 different sizes for its tire socks which cover more than 90 percent of the vehicles on the road, from small city cars to 4x4s and large family saloons.

michelin sos grip tire socks
the snow socks can be installed in less than two minutes



Reflective light feature for nighttime driving


Looking at their sides, the Michelin SOS grip tire socks have four ergonomic handles that allow the drivers to easily adjust the fitting when they are already mounted on the wheels and to pull them off without a hassle once they are done using the snow socks. The textile and the handles also glow in the dark through Michelin’s Night Vision Security which makes the tire socks stand out at night to avoid car accidents and crashes.


Whoever fits their car wheels with Michelin SOS Grip tire socks deserves a pat on the back for not making and letting their car fly (still, we have loads of flying cars these days here, so let’s leave the flying part to them).

michelin sos grip tire socks
the ergonomic handles can help drivers easily remove and fit the socks

michelin sos grip tire socks
the high-resistance polyester tread allows the tire socks to be reused several times and seasons


Michelin SOS Grip tire socks

michelin sos grip tire socks
visualization of the tire socks

michelin sos grip tire socks
the socks are made of polyester tread


Michelin SOS Grip tire socks


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company: Michelin

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