‘mikakure’ by koki yoshida

tokyo-based designer koki yoshida has created the ‘mikakure’ chair. when one seat is placed horizontally next to another of the series, the chairs link together, becoming one continuous seat. the interlocking, zipper-like detailing featured on the side of each chair links one firmly to the next. due to the raised and recessed alternating black and white diagonal lines of ‘mikakure’, a viewer’s perception of the color and dimensions of the chair are altered by his/her current standpoint. yoshida’s piece was featured in tokyo designers week 2011.

mikakure chair by koki yoshida frontal view of two chairs from ‘mikakure’ series, connected in bench-like form

mikakure chair by koki yoshida a single chair from the collection as seen from a side orientation

mikakure chair by koki yoshidadetailed perspective of two chairs and their connective components

mikakure chair by koki yoshida demonstrating the comfort of the seat