‘privé’ by philippe starck, 2007 image © nicola zocchi



cassina is one of the most well-known italian furniture manufactuers, having produced hundreds of design classics with designers from around the world. to honour the company’s rich history, milan’s triennale will present ‘made in cassina’ from april 16th to september 7, 2008. the exhibition will display over 100 pieces by around 20 designers, demonstrating cassina’s progression and transformation over the years. a monograph published by skira will be released with the exhibition featuring 350 pages of text and images covering the company’s history, collections and designers.

milan design week 2008 preview: made in cassina ‘tramonto a new york’ by gaetano pesce, 1980 image ©mario carrieri

milan design week 2008 preview: made in cassina ‘feltri’ by gaetano pesce, 1987 image © tommaso sartori