milan design week 2021: following the cancellation and reschedule of the 2020 salone del mobile.milano, the event has confirmed plans to take place this september. while the event had been called off following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new date has been confirmed following an announcement by the italian government allowing trade shows to take place beginning july 1st. italian prime minister mario draghi and health minister roberto speranza confirmed their concrete support of the event after proposing a new plan to ease nationwide restrictions.



UPDATE 04/22/2021: salone del mobile president claudio luti had been working to ensure safe conditions to secure the event for this september. the event had been confirmed for this fall with measures taken to respect the protocols and safety measures following italy’s easing of COVID-19 restrictions. the event organizers had hoped to celebrate a united gathering of designers and introduce the first signs of a true rebirth of the country. however, an unexpected setback surfaced as many of the manufacturers have chosen to refrain from participating in the september show — making it difficult to ensure a quality salone del mobile that represents the design world as planners had hoped.

salone del mobile



claudio luti has since resigned as president of the salone del mobile.milano. in a statement today, he comments: ‘leaving the chairmanship of the salone del mobile such a delicate and complex moment is a painful choice. over the years I have worked hard to affirm the event as a representation of the system at an international level, but there are no longer the conditions to pursue my vision of compactness in the sector for the common good. I respect everyone’s decisions but I do not share the desire not to team up in such a delicate moment and to at least give up trying to define a concrete path to do what could be the symbol of the country’s recovery.’

uncertainty in milan as companies pull out of september's salone del mobile



former president claudio luti continues:I certainly recognize the difficulties and also the unknowns that prevent us now from clarifying all the uncertainties given by the still looming pandemic scenario. but what counts for me is the common will of purpose, which has failed. my undisputed respect and affection for the salone del mobile remains, which I will continue to support and I hope that everyone’s work will continue with the aim of preserving the emotions, suggestions and strength that the salon has always brought to milan.’

salone del mobile



last week, following a series of government meetings, claudio luti had celebrated the opportunity for the return of the event:the salone del mobile in milan is an invaluable asset for the entire country and the government has confirmed that it is fully aware of it. we are therefore confident that the assurances received yesterday will soon be transformed into concrete acts.‘ the announcement had then marked a truly important signal from politics. the news was confirmed shortly after the event organizers expressed hope that the design fair could go ahead from september 5th — 10th.