with such a massive global audience guaranteed the job of communicating the beijing olympic games 2008 is no small task. one of the people taking responsibility for this is min wang, design director for the beijing olympic games. wang and his team have been the creative force behind everything from street banners to the olympic medals. designboom recently spoke to him about his role:

this is a ‘weiji’ moment in china’s design field. ‘wei’ means crisis, ‘ji’ means opportunity.
from crisis, opportunity arrives. in less than ten years, china has quickly added more than a thousand design
schools and programs that enroll hundred of thousands students at university and college level. how to teach
design in china, how to learn but not to copy the west, and how to find design expression in eastern aesthetics
sense and sensibility, these become big questions. I came back to china intending to face, ask and answer
these questions.‘ MW

see the designboom article:

min wang: beijing olympic games 2008

min wang