‘blueprint’ detail photo credit: bas helbers

‘blueprint’ by rotterdam-based minale-maeda (mario minale and kuniko maeda) is a contemporary flat-pack chest of drawers. the furniture object is comprised of a wooden frame with a removable silken top cover that is decorated by embroidered sections of blueprints displaying the chest’s construction.

minale maeda: blueprint photo credit: bas helbers

minale-maeda wanted to make a furniture piece that fit into our contemporary nomadic lifestyles, while at the same time utilizing traditional craft techniques. in the case of ‘blueprint’, the ‘upholstery’ not typical of a ‘hard’ object, acts as the chest’s outer structure – the textile being a fitting choice as blueprints were initially drawn on thin fabric.

minale maeda: blueprint ‘blueprint’ with cover on (left) and with the cover off (right)

minale maeda: blueprint detail of ‘blueprint’ which displays the chest’s construction in embroidery

minale maeda: blueprint making of the cover

minale maeda: blueprint photo credit: bas helbers

minale maeda: blueprint ‘blueprint’ model

minale maeda: blueprint in a way, the textile covering is meant to be seen as a projection, an image of itself…