miniature casio watch rings are small enough to fit around fingers

miniature casio watch rings are small enough to fit around fingers

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Miniature casio watch toy rings in japan


A Casio wedding ring or a fashionable accessory around fingers? Yes, those might be possible with the Casio-licensed collection of miniature watch rings. All these toy watch rings are a faithful reproduction of the real Casio watches to make them look realistic and ‘fully functional’ enough. These toys even feature a digital or analog display, a dial, a glass three-layer structure, and their analog watch has two layers just like a real wrist-sized Casio watch. One of these toy watch models even has the world map printed on the screen beside what seems to be a compass. The three-in-one visual element might be an eye-catcher, coupled with its Casio look.


These capsule toys ‘Casio Watch Ring Collection’ whuich have been supervised by Casio itself are roaming around Japan through one of the country’s most famous hallmarks: vending machines. Instead of swinging by the machines for food or drinks, watch fans can slide in their coins and wait for their wearable miniature Casio watch toy rings to drop. Aside from the toy vending machines, the Casio Watch Ring toy collection has also been made available starting July 19th, 2023 to mass retailers, toy stores, and even home-appliance shops around Japan. 

miniature casio watch rings
images by Casio Japan and Stasto Stand Stones



Casio Toy ring with built-in calculator


Toymaker Stasto Stand Stones is the producer of the Casio watch toy rings under the supervision of the watch company itself. In a tweet, Casio Japan states that these toys might last for 20 years without replacing their batteries, and given that they have a monochromatic digital display, this might be a possibility. But all of these might be just a hint of humor since these watches, while they may look fully functional, work perfectly as toys and for aesthetic purposes. One of the models even has a built-in calculator so the wearer can be given the feeling of breaking down and calculating their expenses while walking without needing a smartphone.


The watch rings – which are just toys – are also adjustable to fit the size of the fingers. There are five models available ranging from digital to analog display. The ones with an analog display might need a bit of scrutiny with the way the numbers look. One of them even has just lines, challenging the wearer to see if they have mastered the art of time reading. It seems that these Casio watch rings in online stores have sold out, but miniature watch fans might still be able to score them in physical stores and vending machines. The roughly 3 USD Casio watch rings seem to be a hit!

miniature casio watch rings
all the miniature watch rings are a faithful reproduction of the real Casio watches

miniature casio watch rings
the miniature Caio watch rings feature a digital display, dial, and glass three-layer structure

miniature casio watch rings
as of publishing the story, these miniature Casio watch rings are sold in Japan


miniature Casio watch rings by Stasto Stand Stones

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