‘layered me mirror’ stands as a visual metaphor of one’s multilayered personalitiesL47 x B15 x H50cmall images courtesy of mischer’traxler




drawing on the fact that faces and personalities are not flat but multifaceted, studio mischer’traxler has designed ‘layered me’, a table mirror composed of several sheets of reflective surfaces which creates a visual metaphor of this.


four two-way mirrors and one sandblasted or colored sheet of glass–all of varying sizes–are slid into an oak base making it easy for the user to change their arrangement by flipping and rotating them. as the double-sided panels allow light to filter through, the reflections are less bright and seem to fade out, particularly where less layers are overlapped.


the work is being presented in the ‘austrian design details’ exhibition during milan design week 2013.



mischer'traxler: layered me mirrorthe object is made up of four double-sided mirrors and one sandblasted or colored one