‘one piece, one edition’ by mischer’traxler for novalis fine arts all images courtesy of mischer’traxler

‘one piece, one edition’ is a project which austrian design group mischer’traxler has developed specifically for novalis fine arts. it deconstructs an existing clock, reutilizing and transforming the timepiece’s various parts to create original objects. the result is a collection of furniture pieces composed components taken from the timekeeper. besides reusing and recycling, the idea is to give a second life to existing objects and de-contextualize them. the aim was to create with an ecological ‘pretext’, a limited edition of unique pieces, the number of which is defined by the original object.

mischer'traxler: one piece, one edition an old clock has been deconstructed and its various components re-purposed to form new furniture objects

mischer'traxler: one piece, one edition stool and mirror