stockholm furniture fair: established in 1979 by jan-olof torstensson, mitab is a swedish design company developing up-to-date products in collaboration with young and established creatives. for its latest collections, the company has presented the ASCENT and COMMUNE  furniture series  — respectively by NYC based brad ascalon and swedish designer joel karlsson — during the 2017 edition of the stockholm furniture fair. 

ASCENT is a modular seating design for public dwellings such as lobbies and airports
all images courtesy of mitab



exhibited as a modular seating during the stockholm furniture fair, brad ascalon’s ASCENT collection for mitab is ideal for public spaces like airports and lobbies which are often intimidating, cold. as ascalon explains it, the idea for this project was to rethink the notion of lobby and airport seating by establishing a completely new visual language for this category of contract furniture. airport seating in particular continues to feel cold, institutional, and ASCENT is intended to change this’. hence, wanting to integrate a sense of versatility and flexibility, the modular furniture includes a USB port for charging and can be easily used as a table for drinks, eating, reading, or simply storing one’s personal items. even more, given how each seat is detachable, users can customize the layout via different configurations and colors.

ASCENT consists of plywood, cold foam and is upholstered with different colored textiles  



balancing between comfort and sturdiness, ASCENT is made out of plywood, cold foam and padded with different textiles that offer a warm character. in contrast, the wooden base with its ash veneer finishing and sharp edges create a more robust quality to highlight the shape of the furniture. this striking opposition between the organic profile of the seats and bold geometric base ‘brings unexpected whimsy and beauty to a static seating category, as well as the environments in which they live’, adds ascalon. the collection is currently available in two different sizes, limited to four seats for each module with its corresponding plug-ins (USB and power). 

the design includes a sharp contrast between the organic profile of the seat and the geometric sturdy base



on the other hand, joel karlsson and mitab have joined forces to create the COMMUNE table with a special asset: power accessibility. typically, when working on any smart portable device, users constantly seek a charging port at arm’s length. hence, this adaptive furniture includes two power sockets on each leg for a quick and easy access to power when sitting at the desk. 

the COMMUNE table is designed for offices and collective working environments



the charging ports are both welcoming and functional features of the steel legs covered in moulded ash — which provide a sturdy yet friendly character to the design. finished in ash wood veneer, the tabletop is a spacious and uncluttered station ideal for collaborative works, open floor productivity and a variety of settings. ‘COMMUNE is a flexible space where you can take a breakfast meeting, work solo and take feedback all before lunch. and it is big enough to host the board meeting even if half the board have forgotten to charge their tablets‘, explains joel karlsson. finally, wanting to maintain a neat and clean aesthetic, a felt cable tray under the tabletop stores all permanent connections as well as absorbs any distracting sound. 

the tabletop is finished in ash wood veneer, giving it a smooth texture

two power sockets are integrated on each leg

a felt tray cable stores all fixed connections to keep a clean aesthetic of the table




project info:





materials: textile, cold foam, ash veneer, MDF + plywood frame
colors:  stain or transparent lacquer 
dimensions: small ( max. 3 seats): 2034 x 597 x 822 mm / large (max.4 seat): 2674 x 597 x 822 mm
available options: 1 to 4 seats with multiple power and/or USB ports





materials: steel frame, compression moulded ash, ash veneered chipboard, felt
colors: stain or transparent lacquer (table top) / transparent lacquer (legs)
dimensions: 220 x 100 x 74 / 320 x 100 x 74 / 440 x 100 x 74 / 440 x 120 x 74