‘composition light’ by miya kondo all images courtesy of miya kondo

canadian born designer miya kondo has developed ‘composition light’, a light sculpture made up of five different graphic components. each is a varying shape and color with the ability to stand alone, creating an infinite amount of variations for the light output. depending on the position of the elements, whether they are leaning against the wall or lying on the floor, the quality of the light is modified, changing the ambiance of the space as well as the appearance of spatial dimensions. 
instead of hiding the wiring, bright colors draw attention to the lines, adding visual interest while reminding the viewer of the technical requirements of the objects. the project was shown in the graduation galleries at the design academy eindhoven during dutch design week 2011
miya kondo: composition light three of the five graphic light sculptures 

miya kondo: composition light the light direction is adjustable based on the position of the units 

miya kondo: composition lightthe set 

miya kondo: composition lightdetail of wiring