mobility, the architect’s desk with adjustable height by ACTIU




‘mobility’ is an elevating desk designed by javier cuñado, from ITEMdesignworks that has be conceived as a work surface for architects, designers and individuals working in creative professions. the multi-task office furniture manufactured by ACTIU allows the user to electronically adjust the elevation of the horizontal plane according to their size, offering possibilities of both standing and sitting comfortably, depending on one’s tasks, throughout the working day – not only increasing overall health and well being, but also increasing productivity.



a short film of ‘mobility’
video by kamestudio, courtesy of ACTIU



cuñado says, ‘mobility offers a wide range of levels and models, which can be combined together, in such a way that the amount of possible configurations are enormous. a three dimensional furniture system, where the configurative concept seeks to address a broad spectrum of models and work environments. in addition, solutions for height adjustment are complemented with a third level for a number of versatile of uses.’




adjustable mobility desk actiu designboom


adjustable mobility desk actiu designboom


adjustable mobility desk actiu designboom
visualization of height adjustment