wooden models of ‘la conica’ and ‘la cupola’ espresso makers, executed by giovanni sacchi and designed by aldo rossi for alessi

dedicated to the famous italian model-maker, the giovanni sacchi archive will be inaugurated this friday, october 23, 2009.

giovanni sacchi archive via granelli 1, 20099 sesto san giovanni, milano opening hours monday to friday from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM, guided tours by appointment.

giovanni sacchi’s model-making workshop was an important point of reference for many italian master designers and architects including, aldo rossi, vico magistretti, enzo mari, achille castiglioni, ettore sottsass and marco zanuso.

model maker giovanni sacchi archivemodels and prototypes by sacchi

sacchi translated the drawings of architects and designers into three-dimensional objects. product development is a long process, models after models are built before the final prototype is approached. therefore the display of such artifacts and relative documents are of interest for those who study the history of industrial design and architecture.

model maker giovanni sacchi archivemodels and prototypes by sacchi

model maker giovanni sacchi archive

the archive contains an extensive amount of material (models, products, drawings, photographs, documents, equipment and tools) from the giovanni sacchi workshop, which was active through 1997 and originally located in via sirtori in the city center of milan.

model maker giovanni sacchi archive

the archive of giovanni sacchi’s model-making workshop has currently a collection of 67 architectural models, 366 models, prototypes and phases in the development of design objects, 8000 drawings, 110 products, and approximately 9000 photographs and films. in addition, 250 folders of documents (descriptions, letters, bills etc.) and a large number of tools, machines and equipment for mechanical processing and woodworking.

model maker giovanni sacchi archivetools

model maker giovanni sacchi archive

an entire working environment has been reconstructed for educational purposes, completed by an area equipped with new machinery where it will be possible to organize model-making workshops with teachers, students and professionals.

model maker giovanni sacchi archivea view into the archive

model maker giovanni sacchi archivegiovanni sacchi may, 2003 images © designboom

model maker giovanni sacchi archivemodel maker giovanni sacchi (1913-2005), architect and designer achille castiglioni (1918-2002), and augusto morello (1928–2002 ) president of the milan triennale image © designboom

model maker giovanni sacchi archivegiovanni sacchi working

the giovanni sacchi archive is funded by the city of sesto san giovanni (milan, italy) and the ISEC foundation, with a contribution of the CARIPLO foundation. curatorship and scientific direction: fondazione ISEC, alberto bassi, fiorella bulegato, lodovico gualzetti and stefano mazzoni. exhibition design by magutdesign. sponsorship contributions by archive-museum alessi and museum kartell.