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adjustable modular ‘loft tent’ is an all-around indoor & outdoor hotel



A multipurpose tent for creative camping might be rare to find, but HANDYBRO is putting its best foot forward with THEDOOKAN, an all-in-one tent for camping, backyard, fishing, stargazing, and outdoor activities. It only takes ten to fifteen minutes to set up the two-story modular loft tent where people can sleep and sit on the second floor while hanging hammocks on the ground floor for them to swing on and laze about.


With that kind of weight, it could be worrisome whether THEDOOKAN can carry that load, so HANDYBRO has placed a beaten-up car on top of the modular loft tent’s frame to test its durability. It didn’t shake or tremble but stayed in its position. So, if two or three people are chatting on the second floor while three more are lounging in the hammocks on the ground floor, the durable frame of the loft tent can weather the weight up to 660 lbs.

multipurpose two-floor ‘loft tent’
images courtesy of HANDYBRO



Windy days and nights can cower too since the modular loft tent’s material breezes past gusts up to 44mph. Rain can’t do anything against THEDOOKAN as the transparent roof skin for sky gazing is waterproof. It looks like there’s no excuse not to go camping and outside with this modular loft tent. Time to find new ways to get out of the trip if someone’s not a camping person.

multipurpose two-floor ‘loft tent’
THEDOOKAN is an all-in-one tent for camping, backyard, fishing, stargazing, and outdoor activities



It floats on water with adjustable limbs


THEDOOKAN also offers a private getaway on the ground floor as people can install rolling blinds on the side of the frame and turn the space into a closed bedroom. By the looks of it, three adult-sized people can fit on the second floor and the same goes for the ground floor. Another feature that makes THEDOOKAN a problem-solver is that all the components fit a gym bag, so there’s no need to lug tons of equipment at once.

multipurpose two-floor ‘loft tent’
it has adjustable limbs and height



The limbs of the frame are also adjustable, so if people don’t want to share the ground floor, they can either just take all the legs off or lower the height of the whole tent, enough to hide the cooler, grill, tool, and equipment that campers have brought with them. The modular loft tent also floats in the sea – the campers just need to stick the legs into the seabed – just make sure that the location’s not too far from the shore – and the tent-on-the-water is ready.

multipurpose two-floor ‘loft tent’
it’s suitable as a floater on water



Now, THEDOOKAN has no limits as the modular loft tent can be placed anywhere like forests, sea, mountains, lakes, canyons, and beaches. If people want to go camping in the middle of the sea, they can just anchor the modular loft tent between two surfboards and set off. HANDYBRO seems to call their invention a secondary house too since people can even camp out in their home’s backyard. Fire up the grill, and it sounds like a well-deserved relaxing time.



The modular loft tent is easy to set up


HANDYBRO shares on its site that while it doesn’t take much time to set up THEDOOKAN, it’ll be better if two people can help each other and prop it up. By twisting and attaching the limbs of the frame, anyone can savor the joy of stepping into the tent’s quarters, even if the exercises only last for around fifteen minutes (at least people can get some arm and leg movement as they build the tent).

multipurpose two-floor ‘loft tent’
THEDOOKAN on water



HANDYBRO writes that connecting with nature is the team’s reason for producing the modular loft tent. They want to deliver a camping experience with ease to the users, so the tent they have created caters to a variety of different functions. With its easy setup, the two-story loft tent can transform into a two-person tent, floating tent, sunbed, and diving deck.

multipurpose two-floor ‘loft tent’
it can hold up to four hammocks




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