designer carolina de la viesca of boca concept has created a modular natural rattan couch, consisting of three separate pieces. the ‘O sofa’ can be used as a single piece, or by connecting two or all three parts together.

modular rattan sofa 1

C shape (2/3 pieces)

all images by fabio lorenzo, boca concept



one of boca concept‘s main objectives is to reach all types of audiences, not solely design consumers. thus, the studio aimes to offer an unconventional furniture experience, handmade and manufactured, predominantly with sustainable materials.

modular rattan sofa 2O shape (3/3 pieces)



both functionality and aesthetics were taken into account during the design process. the studio’s vast clientele creates a need for adaptation to different groups, companies and spaces, which is translated in the versatile product design. the sofa can be used in an S shape, in a crescent, as separate benches, or as a central meeting point. 

modular rattan sofa 3
S shape (3/3 pieces)



rattan has been used as the main eco-friendly material which has low energy requirements for transportation and processing. it is strong and flexible – ideal for application in furniture design and in promoting sustainability.

modular rattan sofa 4
snake shape (3/3 pieces)

modular rattan sofa 5
central spot for people gatherings

modular rattan sofa 6
usable both sides

modular rattan sofa 7

modular rattan sofa 8
detail (rattan)

modular rattan sofa 9
detailed construction process

modular rattan sofa 10
construction process

modular rattan sofa 11
construction process



project info:


name: O sofa
design studio: boca concept
lead designer: carolina de la viesca




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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom