the chair comes with either one strap, based on elements of a tie, or two straps to look like suspenders

‘tie chair’ is a project by mexican designer moises hernandez developed for the bauhaus mobel company.

the chair looks to ties and suspenders, pieces of which have been important symbols in fashion history, integrating their functional and decorative characteristics into its design. leather ribbons are used, as a result of the abstraction of these fashion elements, providing the seat not only an aspect of aesthetic personality, but also back support and security. the chair either uses a single leather strap to mimic a tie, or two leather ribbons to visually look like suspenders.

the seats made from either maple walnut, plywood with the leather support detail.

moises hernandez: tie chair a leather strap functions as a back support

moises hernandez: tie chair profile and demonstrating the use of the chair

moises hernandez: tie chair detail of the leather strap weaving through the chair’s frame

moises hernandez: tie chair sketch moises hernandez: tie chair the starting points for the ‘tie chair’ – ties and suspenders

moises hernandez: tie chair ‘tie chairs’