MOLESKINE in collaboration with designboom is proud to announce the results of our recent moleskinerie blog logo design contest. the competition asked participants to design a compelling logo for

2169 designers from throughout the world participated and one first prize winner was chosen.

the jury was composed of: pablo gonzalez, global creative director for digital at LEGO birgit lohmann, co-founder and editor-in-chief of designboom

and members from the MOLESKINE team: maria sebregondi, moleskine executive director of brand equity peter hobolt jensen, moleskine executive director of digital

see all 117 shortlisted entries

and the winning design is: ‘moleskinerie n.f. (lat. moleskinum). small graphic digression’ by sylvain bouyer from france

keep reading for a special note directly from the team at MOLESKINE…

moleskinerie logo competition results ‘moleskinerie n.f. (lat. moleskinum). small graphic digression ‘ designed by sylvain bouyer from france

moleskinerie logo competition results view of the ‘moleskinerie’ logo

moleskinerie logo competition results concept drawing including the logo

moleskinerie logo competition results additional variations

moleskinerie logo competition results design process

a message directly from the MOLESKINE team to all participants and readers:

we would like to say thank you to everyone who took part in our moleskinerie blog contest. we received over 2,000 entries and the submissions were so beautiful and compelling, that in addition to selecting one winner, we are also showcasing a shortlist of the best entries and their respective designers on

the moleskine team, along with judges pablo and birgit, reviewed all of the entries and although the decision was very difficult, we narrowed it down to a shortlist of 117 designers and the one designer we felt best embodied moleskine brand core values of contemporaneity, sensibility, functionality, aesthetics, execution.

as we’ve shared previously, this contest has been a learning experience for us– and we thank this community for the conversation and open thoughts. we continue in our pledge not to make commercial use of any of these entries, including the winner’s, and all of the designers featured will retain full rights to their entries.   please help us celebrate the sylvain’s success, as well as all of the entries submitted by the participating designers. it is an honor to share your creativity on our blog.

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