MOM inspirations maison objet


MOM — MAISON&OBJET’s digital platform — connects designers, brands, and manufacturers to an incredibly rich database of products, collections and home decor. while providing a place for creatives to communicate and do business 24/7, 365 days a year, MOM also offers an innovative space to find inspiration, discover new aesthetic visions, and unearth new ideas and trends. an immeasurable source of information and creative insight, the platform immerses users within a universe of design topics and themes, whether they’re selected by industry experts, spotlighted by the M&O team, or presented as a virtual showroom. 


MOM’s dedicated ‘designers and M&O’s selections’ and ‘virtual showrooms’ categories provide visitors with endless interpretations, ideas, and expressions. 

discover exclusive selections made by the M&O team, and industry experts in the field 



through MOM’s designers and M&O’s selections, visitors can discover exclusive collections of products and brands handpicked by the M&O team and experts in the field. these curated product selections spotlight a broad range of design-related topics, current styles, and emerging themes, giving users access to an immeasurable visual diary of inspirations and ideas. M&O’s own selections — which illuminate themes like ‘going for the green’, ‘absolutely british’ and ‘fashionable design’ — offer an exclusive window into the world of accessories and home decor hosted on MOM. additionally, an international lineup of industry leaders and creative forces offer their own inspirations by choosing their favorite products, brands, and manufacturers that make up the MOM universe. within the platform, users are then able to reveal product specifications, request further information, and contact the brand directly about items that pique their interest, keeping their fingers on the pulse of the industry. 

MOM inspirations maison objet
the virtual showroom allows users to visualize products just as they would at a trade show



as part of MOM’s virtual showroom, users can visualize their favorite products just as they would at an exhibition stand, allowing them to take the trade show with them. brands and manufacturers showcase their collections through interactive imagery that presents a digital showroom of design objects and ideas. individual objects within each interior vision can be selected, explored, and saved, offering a deeper level of insight into a company and its latest collections. within the virtual showroom, buyers, architects and interiors designers are able to reach brands in just one click, discovering its products, portfolio and latest news, and unearthing new inspirations in the process as well.


MOM offers a dedicated space for industry professionals and design enthusiasts to unearth new ideas and trends while staying connected year round. a world of inspiration awaits on MOM.