MoMo modular furniture employs flexibility for increased versatility 
photos courtesy jerónimo fanelli, mecha palacio and bea palacio




exhibited at diseño de raì in buonos aires, ‘MoMo modular furniture’ or ‘mobiliario modular’, by jerónimo fanelli, mecha palacio and bea palacio incorporates orthogonal wooden structures, copper connections and felt skin to create a modular work. the system was conceived as four different components which can be arranged in a variety of configurations or stand alone. the dynamic set refutes the traditional static conception of furniture, exploring how a dynamic work can evolve and change to suit its context. 

momo MoMo modular furniture
the complete ‘MoMo’ modular furniture set incorporates book shelves, deck chair, chair and table

MoMo modular furniture
looking up at the bookshelf shows the detail work of the shelves

MoMo modular furniture
detail of the copper joint reveals how the pieces have been standardized for ease of reconfiguration

momo designboom11

the conceptual renderings of MoMo modular furniture reveals the different configurations it can assume

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edited by: trevor reed | designboom