moncler and mercedes-benz UNVEIL ‘THE ART OF IMAGINATION’


Moncler and Mercedes-Benz stun their viewers with their upcoming collaboration that reinterprets the Italian fashion house’s puffer jackets into automotive designs. A design art piece created exclusively for the collaboration by Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Mercedes‑Benz Group AG, will be revealed by Mercedes‑Benz as a partner at Moncler’s “Art of Genius” live show on February 20th as part of London Design Week 2023.


Mercedes-Benz is the first automotive partner to collaborate with Moncler. The partnership underlines Mercedes‑Benz’s openness to exploring fashion and culture and interacting with broader audiences beyond automotive, and at the same time, the collaboration highlights Moncler’s evolution beyond fashion and into the sphere of design.

moncler mercedes-benz the art of imagination
images courtesy of Moncler and Mercedes-Benz, photos by Thibaut Grevet



The social media posts of the two come with a note to ‘expect the unexpected.’ The cropped images underline what might step out during their London Fashion Week’s presentation for ‘The Art of Genius’ on February 20th, 2023 at Olympia London.


Black plush dune buggies with inflated puffer tires are imprinted with Mercedes-Benz’s logo. Spurts of white electric fizzle jump out of what might be a tire or speaker. A lone headlight flashes brightly, highlighting the outline of a boxy front bumper. The Art of Genius between Moncler and Mercedes-Benz will soon be revealed.

moncler mercedes-benz the art of imagination
‘The Art of Imagination’ will appear during London Fashion Week 2023



Cross-pollination of fashion, sport, and culture


Moncler Genius kicked off in 2018 as the fashion house’s unshackling from the chains of a two-season fashion calendar. The move toward monthly collections has allowed Moncler to collaborate with other brands and foster cross-pollination in the fields beyond its foundation.


Moncler Genius likes to see itself as a constant cultural zeitgeist that has tapped into a source of continuous evolution, which has been embedded in its DNA. ‘The platform now merges two sets of brand codes together, entering a new phase of co-creation focused on human creative skill and imagination to make something each brand couldn’t achieve on its own,’ says Moncler.

moncler mercedes-benz the art of imagination
puffer tires and car frame



As the platform intersects art, design, entertainment, music, sport, and culture, the synergy with Mercedes-Benz might come forth as an expected venture leading to ‘The Art of Imagination’. To introduce this year’s roster of co-creators, Moncler presents ‘The Art of Genius’, a live show that unveils the creators, concepts, and collections for 2023. 


‘Each co-creator brings their own unique brand of Genius to the potent mix, challenging the boundaries of what’s possible while presenting immersive experiences and performances that represent their creative visions,’ says Moncler. Aside from Mercedes-Benz, Moncler will also reveal the collaborative collections it has worked on with Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams, Roc Nation by Jay-Z, Adidas Originals, Palm Angels, FRGMT, and Salehe Bembury. 

moncler and mercedes-benz unveil car clad in puffer jackets for upcoming collaboration
the collaboration forms part of Moncler’s ‘The Art of Genius’

moncler and mercedes-benz unveil car clad in puffer jackets for upcoming collaboration



project info:


name: The Art of Imagination

brands: Moncler, Mercedes-Benz

event: London Fashion Week 2023

dates: Feb 17th to 21st, 2023