elicia dining plate

moneral produces unique table accessories by combining a natural material with modern technology. it all began when finnish craftsman eero remes cut wooden disks with his saw which his son, panu suggested to use as a dinner plate.

the ‘elicia’ collection of plates are made from aspen wood transformed through meticulous technical processes into cocktail and dinner plates, durable even in frequent use and is dishwasher safe.

moneral: elicia plates elicia serving plate

moneral buy their raw materials in the close proximity of its factory. each tree is chosen carefully and cut by hand to avoid any damage to the bark. the trees come from sustainably managed and certified finnish forest, controlled by the finnish forest management associations.

moneral: elicia plates

moneral: elicia plates elicia serving dish moneral: elicia plates

elicia serving dish moneral: elicia plates left: elicia cocktail plate right: elicia plate

elicia products have been treated with moncoat™, a finish designed specifically for products that come into contact with food items. the coating also protects the products during washing. consumers are recommended to clean the plates by hand. however, in commercial kitchens elicia products can be put in a dishwasher.

moneral: elicia plates you can personalize them with laser-marks of your name or your company’s logo.