monica förster zanet designboom
monica förster’s wooden furniture for zanat uses a unique hand-carving technique
all images courtesy of monica förster design studio




monica förster’s ‘unna’ lounge chair and ‘neron’ dining table for zanat, are characterised by their intricate hand-carved patterns. the furniture which was presented at salone del mobile, expresses a classic timeless quality combining modern design with traditional craftsmanship. ‘unna’ is made from solid wood and contains an elegant silhouette which imparts a feeling of softness and comfort to the lounge chair. the piece showcases zanet’s close attention to carpentry detail, using a complex engraved pattern that follows the frame of the backrest. the ‘neron’ dinning table employs a similar method, using a sculpted decoration that covers all of the table legs. these embellishments can be customised giving each table a unique persona. ‘neron’ comes in three standard dimensions, five different species of wood in a natural color or stained. 

monica förster zanet designboom

‘unna’ lounge chair


the ‘unna’ lounge chair was designed to impart a feeling of softness and comfort

neron-Monica-Forster-Design-Studio-for-Zanat-designboom-008  neron-Monica-Forster-Design-Studio-for-Zanat-designboom-004
an intricate pattern follows the frame of the backrest
the chair in a stained black version
monica förster zanet designboom
the ‘neron’ dinning table
monica förster zanet designboom  
the legs of the table have been sculpted to create a textured effect
monica förster zanet designboom   monica förster zanet designboom   
the tables are customized so that each one is unique
monica förster zanet designboom  


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