monkey business, a collaboration between designers alma shaham and oded friedland, brings a new take on traditional ice blocks – the blue bears! the bear-shaped blocks make a fun addition to any child’s lunchbox, while cooling beverages, fruit, or any snack. the shapes fit perfectly inside any container or space, and make an ideal picnic companion. 




the creators said, ’we are always seeking for uncharted territories when it comes to product categories that have not been addressed by designers, and these are becoming very rare nowadays. ice blocks are in every house, and with the growing use in lunchboxes, ice blocks are outing the freezer on a daily basis, so we thought they deserve some cool.’




the blue bears are available in two sizes, mum and cub. the mom bear is ideal for picnics and family outings, and the smaller cub perfect for lunch boxes. they come pre-filed with non-toxic fluid, ready to be placed in the freezer for a few hours, and await their turn to chill. 

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blue bears by monkey business chill your lunchbox or picnic basket



product info:


product name: blue bear

company: monkey business

available at the reader shop here



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