‘shining tree in a sacred place’ by mono

japanese art studio mono has created ‘shining tree in a sacred place’, an installation that represents and honors the people who passed away or were uprooted due to natural disasters in 2011. the sculpture is placed on the historical grounds of the oshioi shrine, constructed during the heian period over 1100 years ago.

120 lights were placed into ‘sasa’, a shade cut to reference the leaves of the bamboo shoot. the sea of illuminated candles is dispersed on a non-woven fabric, the surface of which is a representation of the nearby lake biwa. anchoring the installation are several tall illuminated tree forms. the larger structures symbolise the destinations of the floating ‘sasa’ lights. the artwork was part of the annual kusatsu machiakari yumeakari hanaakari illumination art exhibition.

mono: shining tree in a sacred place the installation is representing those that were uprooted or lost their lives in worldwide natural disasters in the year 2011

mono: shining tree in a sacred place  the lights floating around their destination

mono: shining tree in a sacred place ‘sasa’ candle holders

video footage of ‘shining tree in a sacred place’ by mono