epic games and hasbro have revealed a fortnite version of monopoly, transforming the property trading board game using elements from the online video game. the special edition version of the classic game appeared as a pre-order on electronics website zavvi, before being removed. hasbro and epic games have since confirmed that the item is legitimate and will release.

a fortnite edition of monopoly is coming soon

courtesy of fortnite



epic games worldwide creative director donald mustard officially announced the boardgame via twitter last weeek. mustard’s tweet shows a monopoly board with a few of the most recognizable locations from the fortnite battle royale map including paradise palms, dusty divot, lazy link and tilted towers, which replaces boardwalk, the traditional board game’s most expensive property. the game also feature chests, traps and storm cards, in place of the familiar aspects of the normal monopoly game.



the game was listed with the following information: you’re still picking up properties, but instead of money you have health points. instead of paying for spaces, it’s just first come first serve. each turn you roll two dice, one that moves you forward and another that allows you to take an action. you’ll be able to shoot a player on the same side of the board as you; build a wall on the space you’re currently on to protect yourself from being shot; drop a boogie bomb, which causes each player to lose health; or apply a bandage to regain health. if you lose all your health points, you lose, and just like the video game, the last player standing wins.