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‘heliometer’ by monored

with ‘heliometer’, the greek-born design team of monored studio (konstantinos chrysos and marianthi tatari) experiments with an empirical simulation of the future global warming.

the outdoor installation seems to protect the visitor from the attica sun, when in fact, through the properties and color of the selected material, the intensity of the sunrays is increased. thus the visitor instantly experiences the future atmosphere of the location should global warming continue at its current pace.

monored: heliometer view of the color gradients in the exterior form

monored: heliometer detail view

the ecological character of ‘heliometer’ lies in the recyclability and durability of the material. through digital fabrication technologies and parametric analysis software, the products are used as efficiently as possible, resulting to a sustainable and reusable installation. this design process also permits the piece to be adapted to different spaces, materials, and time and cost budgets.

monored: heliometer night view

monored: heliometer view looking into the structure

the experience challenges users’ perception of what at first appears to be a protective shelter: ‘is it an umbrella, a temperature graph, a snapshot of a natural disaster or a cumulonimbus cloud at sunset?’

monored: heliometer design diagram

monored: heliometer rendering of cross-section