monsby, an artist that prefers to remain anonymous, has shared with us the love in light lamp, a NSFW luminaire that looks like a penis and it’s turned on the same way as you would turn on the other one. measuring 25cm x 15cm, the lamp is made of fabric, biodegradable plastics, wood and aluminum. 

love in light by monsby 1



‘I had been working on this lamp for about a year,’ said monsby. ‘it had different names during that period: phallamp, lampenis etc. after all, the main idea of this lamp is not in the similarity with the penis, although, of course, it is funny. it is about love, light and life. the most meaningful and optimistic lamp ever.’

love in light by monsby 7



the love in light lamp by monsby has a unique mechanism inside, designed specifically to highlight its optimistic concept. to turn it on, you simply have to pull down the fabric layer which will then reveal the shinning bulb. the product is available in a limited edition of 50 pieces (for around 3.500 pounds) and 1 NFT is on sale for 5 ETH at

love in light by monsby 2

love in light by monsby 3

love in light by monsby 4

love in light by monsby 5

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project info:


name: love in light
designer: monsby
author site: monsby