the craft of papier-mâché is applied to iconic furniture forms and lighting pieces, paper collection displayed at the groninger museum image © robert kot


dutch manufacturer moooi has updated the paper furniture collection based on the craft of papier-mâché by studio job. job smeets (1970) and nynke tynagel (1977) are known for their virtuoso handling of extraordinary materials and extreme techniques, together they create archetypical and monumental objects which are an expressive engagement at the interface of art and design. in collaboration with moooi the designers have experimented the industrial process of papier-mâché for the first time with the paper chandelier project in 2005. layers of paper and glue have been applied to honeycomb cardboard, drying into a solid composition and thus redeveloping traditional construction methods.


moooi paper furniture by studio job the paper chandelier L made of paper, cardboard and honeycomb panels, glass diffuser on each arm the paper collection currently offers two sizes of hanging lamps – the chandelier XXL (225 cm /88.6″ diam. and 275 cm/108.3″ height), and – the chandelier L (90 cm/ 35.4″ diam. and 101.5 cm/ 40 ” height). during milan design week 2012 moooi will present a new size of the paper chandelier – ‘the paper XL’ .

‘studio job’s paper chandelier – I love this object because there is a new modernity, postminimalism without a postmodern spirit.‘ karl lagerfeld

moooi paper furniture by studio job sketch by studio job

moooi paper furniture by studio job the paper furniture collection by moooi, classic furniture forms are redeveloped with an unusual material choice, on show at the groninger museum image courtesy moooi

‘studio job & the groninger museum’ is an exhibition at the groninger museum (in groningen, the netherlands), currently on show until march 2012. the museum has been following the work of studio job job since the foundation of the practice and possesses the largest collection of their products, compiled and curated by mark wilson for this exhibition. the paper furniture series is a central part of the show.


moooi paper furniture by studio job paper wardrobe image collage by designboom

designboom loves the paper wardrobe, which was first presented during the milan design week in 2009. it has an imposing structure of durable material — hard to believe it’s made of paper. the simple aesthetics remind us of a playmobil miniature toy. shipped flat packed, the wardrobe is easy to assemble. each component slots into the other which enables one part to bare it’s weight and share its strength with the other. there are no screws, no nuts and no bolts. it has a shelf and a brass clothes rail to hang garments and does not have any handles. available in white colour and for indoor use only.  

moooi paper furniture by studio job

how to assemble the paper wardrobe by studio job image collage by designboom

  moooi paper furniture by studio job

moooi paper furniture by studio job designboom builds a paper wardrobe, detail of the paper layers images © designboom


we invested more time in opening the perfect packaging than in the process of construction. it took us only 1 hour !