once again designer stelios mousarris proves his skillful, almost magical, craft when producing furniture. this time, he has materialized the moment a drop in a lake becomes ripples. he was inspired by the drop of water that creates small waves, expanding across the water in a beautiful pattern of rings that gradually returns to the calm water. in ‘the rippling table’, the designer captured this idyllic image.




the table’s tapering base appears to look hollow when seen from the top, adding to the illusion of the origin of the ripples. moussaris sculpted a delicate glass drop at the center of the table, creating concentric glass ripples as reflective and thin as water. the table’s surface color under the ripples seems to fade out starting from a vivid light blue in the center and turning light grey towards the edges.




the rippling table is made of a steel structure giving it stability and strength, while the high quality glass resin creates a scratch free surface. the contrasting nature of both materials create a visual play between the rough base and the delicate top. measuring 150 cm (59 in.) in diameter and 76 cm (30 in.) tall, the rippling table can comfortably seat eight people around it. a steel ring around the edge protects the resin ripple effect.




previously, mousarri has created other unexpected pieces of furniture. designboom has covered a few of his ‘wave city’ tables, his lighting piece, and his rocket coffee table




project info:


project name: the rippling table

designer: mousarris

dimensions: 150 cm in diameter, 76 cm tall (59 in. in diameter, 30 in. tall)



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edited by: cristina gomez | designboom