designers M&T, made up of miyu ikeda and takuto kurashima, unveiled the lighting piece ‘imbalanced balanced’ at DESIGNART tokyo 2019. the art and design festival, which was held from october 18th to the 27th, saw the duo’s work of art which balances two lighting fixtures on a delicate metal structure.




M&T’s light and thin structure enables the lanterns to rhythmically float up and down, while at the same time, bringing light to the space. each time one is illuminated, it rises upwards while the opposing lantern falls. the see-saw effect is further emphasized by the lights alternating on and off.




the work won a ‘big emotions award’ at designart tokyo 2019, an award that goes to the top three groups among 300 brands and creators. 




M&T rhythmically balances lights on thin structure for DESIGNART tokyo 2019



project info:


project name: imbalanced balance

designers: M&T

exhibition: designart tokyo 2019

dates: october 18-27, 2019



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edited by: cristina gomez | designboom