show off your great knowledge of art (while sipping your coffee). legend has it that van gogh cut off his ear to spite a lover. truth is, after a fight with paul gauguin, van gogh chopped off his ear. truthfully, it was only part of the lobe of the left ear, but pretty scary nonetheless. this ‘artistic act’ is commemorated in a few cool mugs!

‘dear van gogh’, 2009

one interesting version is ‘dear van gogh’ by hong-kong based designer mike mak. it’s a silicon mug with a flexible ear handle. a good and patient listener, and you can customize it with your favourite earrings.

mugs with ears mugs with ears mugs with ears

another ceramic mug is featuring the famous self-portait of van gogh, just add a hot drink and watch the ear magically disappears (thanks to heat-sensitive materials)

mugs with ears a few more gadgets use the handle/ear gimmick

mugs with ears ‘ear mug’ by taiwan based group megawing