muji builds an architectural model of tokyo using 10,000 of its products
gif by designboom / all images courtesy of muji




in collaboration with the city of tokyo, muji has created an architectural model of the japanese metropolis using 10,000 of its products. created as part of a campaign to promote tourism in the capital, ‘10,000 shapes of tokyo’ recreates some of the city’s most iconic landmarks — from the metropolitan government building to shibuya crossing — using only muji’s minimal lifestyle objects. everything from transparent plastic pill cases and desk organizers to toothbrush holders and luggage tags have been carefully stacked and arranged into structures and street corners, complete with cool-colored lights that echo tokyo’s urban landscape by night. 

a bridge has been made using tape dispensers and transparent pill cases




the model is presented in muji’s taipei store from now until march 13th, and new york’s fifth avenue location from march 19th — april 24th, 2016. an interactive website accompanying the project allows visitors to view and click on the different product shapes used in the model, linking to the original item on sale in stores.  

the tokyo tower is made from lotion dispensers and makeup 

the tokyo metropolitan government building is built from contact lens cases and pencil sharpeners 

shibuya crossing is made up of hundreds of different elements 

a temple has been crafted using tape dispensers and bookshelves



‘10,000 shapes of tokyo’
video courtesy of MUJIglobal

the architectural model has been created in collaboration with the city of tokyo

the project ‘10,000 shapes of tokyo’ recreates some of the city’s most iconic landmarks

transparent plastic pill cases, desk organizers, toothbrush holders and luggage tags have been used 

the minimal lifestyle objects have been carefully stacked and arranged into structures and street corners

cool colored lights mimic tokyo’s urban landscape by night 

landmarks including the metropolitan government building and shibuya crossing have been carefully recreated