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Space Available is a creative platform and ecological design collective on a mission to create a circular future based on regenerative principles of the natural world. On June 30, 2022, the collective opened the Museum of Space Available (MoSA), a new gallery and circular design center in Bali, Indonesia, connecting globally through a Web 3.0 ecosystem.


More than a museum, MoSA is a platform that archives future possibilities for circular living. It showcases the studio’s works, with contributions from an international community of artists, designers, and scientists specializing in bio-innovation, radical recycling, upcycling, and future craft. The two-story space features an upcycling bar and recycling station offering free repair services for all SA products, keeping these goods within a circular system. It also serves as a learning facility designed to facilitate workshops for the local community as part of the collective’s greater educational ethos. Over 300 people visited MoSA on its opening night.

museum of space available 2
Museum of Space Available | image © Tommaso Riva



a renovated space exploring plastic waste as a first exhibition 


The previously derelict building hosting MoSA, renovated in collaboration architecture firm Sidarta and Sandjaja, has been reimagined with over 200,000 waste-plastic bottles recycled in partnership with the Indonesian circular firm, Robries. ‘This design feature doubles as a solution for the plastic pollution crisis threatening Indonesia’s waterways,’ explains Space Available. 


On opening night, the studio launched ‘Plastic People,’ an art project exploring the story of synthetic plastics, their influence on consumer culture, the planet, and our health. It also spotlights how design and art industries can help create circular systems that challenge destructive linear thinking. This is the first project to be exhibited at MoSA, spanning multiple physical and digital elements such as NFTs, physical sculptures, Space Available product installations, and a case study exhibit. The art project will be exhibited until August 26, 2022. 

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image © Tommaso Riva



All profits from the project will go towards creating Space Available’s new recycling facility in Java – an area listed as the second-worst plastic polluter in the world. This facility will be built and operated in partnership with the Robries Recycling team, and future ‘Plastic People’ NFT holders will become founding members of the recycling facility, receiving access to limited-edition SA products, special offers, events, and more. They’ll also have access to a real-impact game, in which the studio converts the collection of digital plastic into actual waste plastic that they’ve collected. ‘Plastic People’ is drawn from Space Available’s Radical Plastics case study, which will be published online soon.


Concluding, Space Available founder Daniel Mitchell says: ‘While museums around the world play a vital role in showcasing the past, we wanted to create a space that explores the future. We believe the future of design is circular and regenerative and we wanted to create an experience that archives and explores the visions and systems that could help reshape our lives going forward.’ 


The Museum of Space Available (MoSA) is now open to the public Tuesday-Sunday from 11am to 7pm. 

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image © Tommaso Riva

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image © Tommaso Riva

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image © Denny Novikar Nasution


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image © Tommaso Riva

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image © Tommaso Riva

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image © Denny Novikar Nasution




image © Tommaso Riva
image © Tommaso Riva
image © Tommaso Riva
image © Tommaso Riva

project info:


name: Museum of Space Available (MoSA)

location: Bali, Indonesia 
design and curation: Space Available | @space_available_

building renovation: Sidarta and Sandjaja | @sidartaandsandjaja

photography: Tommaso Riva @tommasorivaphotography & Denny Novikar



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