MVRDV’s design for the JUT foundation’s new 240 square-meter lecture hall combines architectural design with public art installation to create an unconventional space inspired by the natural landscape. the carpeted interior adds an attractive and comfortable accent to the versatile theater space in which a variety of programs can take place. located in taipei, taiwan, the MVRDV team worked closely with tapestry and carpet designer alexandra kehayoglou to complete the project’s interior. 

mvrdv alexandra kehayoglou
MVRDV and argentinian artist alexandra kahayoglou work together to create a theater’s interior
images by JUT group



MVRDV describes the theater for the JUT foundation as a ‘new theater typology’ that expands the boundaries of conventional theater design. argentinian artist, alexandra kehayoglou used a hand-tufting process to fabricate the wool textiles that cover the walls. the texture throughout the space mimics the natural character of water plants, moss, and pond vegetation. 

mvrdv alexandra kehayoglou
the JUT foundation’s theater will house a variety of programs

mvrdv alexandra kehayoglou
the artist created a textured, wool textile and matching carpeting to cover the floor and walls of the space

mvrdv alexandra kehayoglou
the artist used a laborious hand-tufting technique to create the textile

mvrdv alexandra kehayoglou
the textile mimics ponds vegetation and moss

mvrdv alexandra kehayoglou
the project combines interior architecture and installation art

mvrdv alexandra kehayoglou
the unconventional design was inspired by the natural landscape



project info:


design MVRDV: winy maas, jacob van rijs and nathalie de vries

design team: winy maas, wenchian shi with hui-hsin liao, angel sanchez navarro, and xiaoting chen
tapestry carpet design: alexandra kehayoglou

design development: AI group – tomo huang, spring yang, mingchen liao and honghen lee

construction: dayi construction and chris chiu (AI group)