rarities soft concrete under production / ‘together’ collection by nacho carbonell

nacho carbonell is presenting two new collections ‘together’ and ‘skin’, and his performance ‘craft punk’ at different places during the milan design week 09.

‘together’ is a collection of conceptual one-offs. morphed joints make the pieces stick together. the pieces support each other, almost belong to one another, supporting nacho’s idea that ‘one can live without the other’. the collection will be shown at the galleria rossana orlandi.

nacho carbonell at milan design week 09 kettles / ‘together’ collectionnacho carbonell at milan design week 09nacho under production of a rare pump it up siamese chair / ‘together’ collection

nacho carbonell at milan design week 09‘skin’ collection

‘skin’ furniture – a thin, closely adhering and elastic layer allows the users to place objects underneath it. this layer adapts and takes the form of the objects, creating spontaneous contours that lead viewers’ curiosity to discover what hides beneath them. first time unveiling at droog.

nacho carbonell at milan design week 09mould for the new skin collection, in the background, nacho

nacho carbonell at milan design week 09a rare leather performance for craft punknacho carbonell at milan design week 09

inspired by the idea of punk culture,(do it yourself) nacho puts his mind into a survivalist environment in which improvisation is a must. nacho takes it a step further in his attempt to recreate life using recycled leather, staples and basic molding skills. will be shown as a part of ‘craft punk’ design miami/ performance.

design miami/ is curating an event outside its own territories in a unique partnership with fendi. taking place during the salone del mobile in milan, ‘craft punk’ will expand on the design performance programme that is a highlight of design miami/.

craft is an area of design production that designers often turn to in the early stages of their careers. ‘craft punk’ will transform the 750 square meter spazio fendi into an active environment for social interaction, unruly intellectual inquiry and actionbased design processes by inviting emerging designers to work within traditional, or hand-made, craft methods. the designers can use discarded materials from the fendi production process, such as selleria leather, branded fabrics, plastic decorative elements, and metal hardware. demonstrating the creation process live and onsite, they will reinvent the way a process or material is typically employed.

the designers contributing to ‘craft punk’ include kwangho lee, massimiliano adami, nacho carbonell, peter marigold, raw-edges, sarah becker, simon hasan, studio glithero, studio libertiny, and yuri suzuki + household. a truly international mix of talents, they come from as far afield as japan, denmark, italy, israel, slovakia, spain, the netherlands, south korea, germany and the UK.