carpenters workshop gallery (CWG) presents a solo exhibition of spanish creative nacho carbonell, marking his representation by the cultural institute that has outlets in paris, london and new york. ‘light mesh’ looks at carbonell’s newly created collection of lamp sculptures from his ‘cocoon’ series, created in collaboration with CWG.

‘black cocoons in pedestal ‘, 2015
steel frame, metal mesh, mix of plaster, paper and paverpol
H210 x L90 x W80 cm / H82.7 x L35.4 x W31.5 in



the family of objects is comprised of organically shaped semi-transparent cocoons that vary in form and that are fitted by a loosely structured sand-coloured mesh; each illuminated from within so that the light diffuses through the webbing producing a natural warm glow. individually, these hybrid works, tables and lamps at once, seem to suggest expressive creatures — fantastic and fascinating.

black cocoons in pedestal features



I like to see objects as living organisms, imagining them coming alive and being able to surprise you with their behaviour. I want to create objects with my hands, then i can give them my personality. I turn them into communicative objects that can arouse one’s sensations and imagination. in short, what i want to create are objects with a fictional or fantasy element, that allow you to escape from everyday life.’ nacho carbonell.


nacho carbonell: light mesh will be exhibited at the carpenters workshop gallery, london from october 12th to november 20th, 2015.

‘combi cocoon’, 2015
steel frame, metal mesh, juta, mix of plaster, sand and paverpol
H162 x L130 x W60 cm / H63.8 x L51.2 x W23.6 in

nacho-carbonell_light-mesh_designboom_18 nacho-carbonell_light-mesh_designboom_19
‘double cocoon (blue)’, 2015
steel frame, metal mesh, concrete, mix of paper, plaster and paverpol
H128 x L105 x W53 cm / H50.4 x L41.4 x W20.9 in

nacho-carbonell_light-mesh_designboom_20      nacho-carbonell_light-mesh_designboom_26
‘table cocoon 3’, 2015
steel frame, metal mesh, juta, mix of plaster and paverpol
H191 x L70 x W70 cm / H75.4 x L27.6 x W27.6 in



nacho carbonell carpenters workshop gallery london designboom
‘table cocoon 7’, 2015
steel frame, metal mesh and paverpol mix
H250 x L130 x W120 cm / H98.43 x L51.18 x W47.24 inches

nacho carbonell carpenters workshop gallery london designboom
detail of the plaster mesh ‘cocoon’ features

nacho carbonell_light mesh_designboom_009

‘floor lamp concrete base’, 2015
steel frame, metal mesh and paverpol mix
H275 x L120 x W110 cm / H108.27 x L47.24 x W43.31 inches

nacho carbonell_light mesh_designboom_010
the ‘light mesh’ series is a set of hybrid tables and lamps
nacho carbonell_light mesh_designboom_011
‘grey cocoon concrete base’, 2015
steel frame, metal mesh and paverpol mix
H112 x L64 x W64 cm / H44.09 x L25.2 x W25.2 inches

each piece of the ‘light mesh’ collection is unique

installation view of ‘light mesh’ at carpenters workshop gallery